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Every year the youth group at our church holds a pine car derby for the kids. It is a fantastic night of competitive fun.

Some kids (and parents) really get into it. They invest hours designing their car to maximize its speed potential. They study aerodynamic designs, axle angles, wheel lubrication, and weight placement. They spend days carving, sanding, and painting their speed machine. They are in it to win it.

My daughter has a different approach. While most people focus on the race, she could care less whether her car hurdles or lumbers down the track. To her, the pine car derby is an art project.

Together we have created cars that look like a dragon with spines running down its back and a furry puppy dog with flapping ears. This year she sanded and painted her creation herself and just needed dad to put the wheels on. She calls it Butter. Is Butter aerodynamic? No. Will it win? Not a chance. Does it bring joy? Definitely.

Too often in our lives we get caught up in other people’s priorities. The Joneses tells us we are in a competition to live in a bigger house, earn a bigger salary, drive a better car, have more perfect children, have more friends, and do it all with a smile on our face.

The better plan (or Butter plan, if you will) is to create your own definition of winning. Let other people focus on what motivates them while you focus on what you find most rewarding.

It is not always easy to stay on your course when you see others who appear to be running faster. Remember that they are running a different race with a different finish line. They may look like they are ahead, but quite possibly they are behind.

Your financial and investment plan should reflect the values and priorities that you have in life — not your neighbors’, not your friends’, and certainly not the TV talking head’s.

You define your vision for your future, and we assist you in working toward that vision by helping you make better decisions along the way.


Quote of the week: Daniel Kahneman: “It’s nonsense to say money doesn’t buy happiness, but people exaggerate the extent to which more money can buy more happiness. Happiness is determined by factors like your health, your family relationships and friendships, and above all by feeling that you are in control of how you spend your time.”

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