CDFA® For Women

How can I help?

The traditional role of a CDFA® is to act as the financial neutral in a collaborative divorce case. This is a critical role in the divorce process, yet one that I do not perform. Here are the ways I can help attorneys and their female clients:

  • Act as a resource for attorneys
  • Help evaluate what certain divorce options will mean for her long term financial plan
  • Ensure that the preferred outcome is in line with her long term financial goals
  • Perform a financial plan so that she is aware of what she needs to do after this big life change to be able to retire
  • Help her make financial decisions like should I pay cash for my new house or take out a mortgage
  • Help women feel comfortable with their investments
  • Help women feel confident as they move forward in their new financial lives

Latest Newsletter – I Have More Money Than I Need

It seems as if people who come to see me either think they don’t have enough money or that they have plenty of money.  Both are usually wrong.

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