December 9, 2020 - Published by IAG Wealth Partners

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Tomorrow evening IAG typically hosts hundreds of clients, friends, and family for our annual Christmas Wine & Cheer event. The mood is typically quite festive, the food is always excellent, and the hum of cheerful conversations sometimes even echoes into the following morning.

Alas, we reached the easy decision that gathering hundreds of people in a closely confined space for hours of conversation is not in anyone’s best interest at this moment in history. This is just one more victim of a fairly cheerless year.

Yet, there are still some reasons to cheer as 2020 winds down into its closing days.

Despite a global pandemic, most financial markets are at or near record highs as traders enthusiastically embrace the combination of closely divided government and the efficacy of potential vaccines. Very few people predicted record highs during the historical one-month market plunge in February and March. We cautiously cheer traders’ optimism and hope it continues.

While the next few months are likely to be challenging, we cheer for the health care professionals who are risking their lives to save strangers’ lives. I cannot imagine the psychological toll it is taking to watch so many of their patients succumb to COVID after making so many sacrifices to provide the care they need. We enthusiastically cheer for them and their families.

Twelve months ago we first learned about a brand new contagious virus that attacks humans. Tomorrow the first of hopefully several vaccines will likely be approved for use in the United States to combat this new enemy’s spread. We cheer for the scientists who worked tirelessly to develop these vaccines and give us hope for next year.

Our last cheer is for our clients, our staff, and our advisors. We cheer for our clients who persevered through severe market gyrations, personal economic challenges, and contentious elections to emerge from 2020 stronger than they entered. We cheer for our amazing staff who quickly adapted to always changing circumstances while always focusing on the best way to serve cheerfully. We cheer for our advisors for their leadership and guidance during a very challenging year.

Looking back on 2020 we will likely remember it for its abundant lack of cheer. Hopefully, this cheer recession will lead to a V-shaped cheer recovery as we enthusiastically celebrate every gradual step toward normal in 2021.


Quote of the week: Mark Twain: “The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer somebody else up.”


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