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Basketball is a truly American game. It was created in December 1891 by Dr. James Naismith in Springfield, Massachusetts, to help keep young athletes in shape during winter.

Less than thirteen years later basketball’s popularity had grown enough to make it a demonstration sport at the Summer Olympics. By 1936 it become an official Olympic sport and by 1939 led to the creation of the NCAA basketball tournament.

Basketball has also evolved over time. Initially players used soccer balls to shoot through the peach baskets, but this quickly changed to brown leather balls with more grip. In the 1950s Butler University coach Tony Hinkle introduced an orange ball so that players and fans could see the ball better.

As the rules and equipment changed, coaches had to help their players adapt. They designed new strategies, new plays, and new practice routines to help put their players in a position to succeed.

The goal in basketball is fairly straightforward and identical for each team – be more successful in putting the ball through the basket than the opposing team while following the rules.

In life your family’s goals are far less defined and far more personalized.

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, the rules and strategies could be very simple or highly complex. You may need to consider a wide array of rule books for taxes, investing, estate planning, or insurance. Your financial coach needs to care enough to learn where your baskets are and experienced enough to help you develop the habits and game plan required to reach for them.

Our advisors serve as those coaches for hundreds of families. While we certainly cannot guarantee that your team will be the champion at the end of your season, you can count on us to coach you through moments of significant stress and tremendous blessings through the brackets of your life.

Quote of the week:   Bill Gates: “Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player.”

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