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Celebrate diversity. This is a pretty common phrase I am sure you have seen on bumper stickers or heard in conversations.

Personally, I relish the thought of diversification. As we construct portfolios to match the risk budget for our clients’ financial plans, we use diversification to spread our investment risk around into different strategies that operate in different areas of the financial markets. While this does not guarantee positive returns or eliminate the chance of loss, over time diversification tends to smooth out what could be a very bumpy ride by including investments that typically act different from each other.

Celebrate adversity. I highly doubt that you have ever seen this phrase on a bumper sticker or heard it in a conversation before.

While a select few people may truly relish the thought of adversity, most would rather avoid it. Adversity means setbacks, stress, and sometimes gut-wrenching decisions. Yet adversity is almost certain to be part of your life.

Successfully navigating diversified adversities (didversities) builds confidence, perspective, and empathy. It prepares you for future challenges by teaching you new skills, introducing you to new resources, and pushing you to think differently.

Didversities – whether in your personal life, your professional life, or your financial life – will never be celebrated as they are occurring. In our firm’s 34 years of serving people we have helped our clients face hundreds of didversities along the way. As you prayerfully and thoughtfully work through your didversities, know they are forging a stronger you for your future.

Quote of the week: Horace: “Adversity reveals genius, prosperity conceals it.”

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