February 1, 2019 - Published by IAG Wealth Partners

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People generally prefer to have a sense of security and control in their lives, and modern technology has done wonders to give people the illusion of control.

Need to know exactly when it will start snowing? Check the radar on your phone. Want to know what your destination looks like? Check Google Maps for a street view. Want to see how busy a restaurant is before you head out? Your phone can tell you.

With greater and greater frequency we know what to expect before we experience it. This gives us a calming sense of confidence, but it may also have created unreasonable expectations about how predictable the future really is.

As amazing as it is, most of this technology is not really predicting your future – it is merely reporting the previously unknown present for a different location.

In the financial markets there is no unknown present in a different location. Useful and useless financial information is rapidly distributed around the globe 24 hours per day 7 days per week. Everything from today’s Federal Reserve press conference to the earnings report from a small company in Japan will be available immediately after it occurs.

Instead of instilling confidence, this overwhelming amount of data creates doubt. Am I looking at the right information? How will this impact me personally?

At IAG we employ our GPS process to help you on your financial journey. Working together, we identify your intended destinations and your current location. Then we assemble a financial plan to put your financial variables into the context of your chosen destination, including an investment portfolio with an appropriate level of investment and inflation risk.

While we cannot predict the future, we help you reassess your family’s progress in pursuing your goals, make adjustments when life’s unexpected twists and turns unfold, and stay on track when financial markets go in unexpected directions.

If we always expect the unexpected, the future will likely meet our expectations.

Quote of the week:  Benjamin Graham: “It is when the investor demands more than an average return on his money, or when his adviser undertakes to do better for him, that the question arises whether more is being asked or promised than is likely to be delivered.”

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