April 17, 2019 - Published by IAG Wealth Partners

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The English language fascinates me. On Monday I heard the same phrase used to reflect two entirely different sentiments.

On Monday afternoon the phrase “on fire” rang throughout the world as millions watched a tragedy unfold at Notre Dame in Paris. Hundreds of firefighters responded to the scene and desperately made every effort to save an 850-year-old landmark that was previously saved from disrepair by Napoleon.

On fire means tragedy.

On Monday evening I was listening the Brewers game and heard that Christian Yelich was on fire. He hit three home runs, knocked in 7 of the Brewers 10 runs, and made a challenging catch in the outfield.

On fire means success.

By their very nature, such duplicity of meaning exists in the financial markets as well.

From September through December 24 the market was on fire. It melted down, with some market indices falling more than 20% from their highest point. That fire was bad news for traders that owned the shares of stocks, but good news for those traders who like to buy stocks at lower prices.

From December 26 through today the markets have been on fire. They have taken off like a rocket ship with some market indices rising over 20% from their lowest point. This fire has been a disaster for those that panicked on Christmas Eve, but great news for those who owned the shares of stocks.

Every second of every day one trader’s bad fire is another trader’s good fire. Every trader that sells a stock believes its future is grim. Every trader that buys a stock believes its future is bright. Neither knows for certain in advance if their decision will burn them or launch them.

At IAG Wealth Partners we are not traders, but fire keepers. Our objective is to assist our clients in benefiting from the warmth, light, and s’mores that can be provided by a fire.

When the fire is raging we may take a few steps back from the heat and when the fire is dwindling we may huddle a little closer and throw on a few logs. While this may seem like common sense, it is exactly the opposite of how many people react to the market fire.

Do you have the right amount of fire in your portfolio right now?

For our IAG families who benefit from our disciplined financial planning and investment processes we believe the answer is yes.

For anyone else it is probably worth a second opinion on whether you have the potential to get burned.

Quote of the week:  P.T. Barnum: “Money is in some respects life’s fire: it is a very excellent servant, but a terrible master.”

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