Halloween Candy

April 15, 2020 - Published by IAG Wealth Partners

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Halloween Candy

Six months ago it was October 15. Odds are you were at least thinking about carving pumpkins, buying or creating Halloween costumes, or maybe even picking up some Halloween candy.

Little did you know that that Halloween candy – or the candy collected by your children a couple of weeks later — would be serving as your primary rations during an economic shut down six months later. Or that the toilet paper mummy costume you saved for next year would prove so useful in a pinch.

Predicting what your life will be like six months into the future is really hard.

Over the last week the financial markets surged at the same time 10 million more Americans lost their jobs and applied for unemployment benefits. Were traders really celebrating the personal tragedy of mass unemployment? Does Wall Street revel in Main Street suffering? It sure appears so, which leaves many Americans perplexed, frustrated, or perhaps even angry.

What most Americans don’t understand is that Wall Street and Main Street live in the same universe, but in two entirely different places on the time-space continuum. Therefore, they have very different reactions to today’s gripping headlines.

Today Main Street is entirely focused on the now – how do we manage through personal circumstances that have been completely disrupted, apply for unemployment to survive, and navigate empty store shelves? Today’s good or bad headlines directly impact Main Street’s perception of reality.

Today Wall Street is entirely focused on six months from now — how well will Main Street be functioning then? While today’s headlines are interesting and may cause temporary bouts of euphoria or fear, the truth is most of today’s headlines will have a minimal impact on Main Street’s well-being six months from today.

In the coming weeks it is always possible that there will be positive headlines on the pandemic front, but the financial markets will take another downturn. If this occurs, know that Wall Street is not against keeping Main Street healthy. Instead, something else likely altered Wall Street’s view of Main Street’s reality six months into the future.

Regardless of today’s headlines or financial markets, we are praying that your reality is a healthy spirit, mind, and body both now and in six months.



Quote of the week: Clifford Asness: “Predicting the future is harder than misremembering the past.”

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