October 31, 2018 - Published by IAG Wealth Partners

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Happy Halloween!

That seems like a pretty strange greeting for this particular holiday. What exactly is happy about celebrating Halloween? I guess one could point to the smiles on children’s faces as they infuse themselves with sugar or creative costumes that bring a chuckle, but Halloween’s roots are much darker.

According to history.com, the roots of Halloween began 2,000 years ago with the Celts in Ireland. The believed the ghosts of the dead returned to earth the night before their new year began on November 1.

Haunting is at the root of Halloween, but it is not exclusive to Halloween.

As we go through life we can be haunted by past financial decisions that either turned into valuable lessons or still fill you with regret to this very day.

Having helped families make wise financial decisions for over 35 years, we have seen our share of ghastly errors. The financial world is full of opportunities for decisions that could haunt your family for years.

Spending too much on a house or a car feels good for a little while, but we have seen it come back to haunt folks. Paying credit card interest lets you buy what you can’t afford, but paying sky high interest rates should keep you awake at night.

There are big-hearted people who help others, but occasionally beyond their means. There are honest mistakes where you just do not know the rules and it costs you (sometimes without you even knowing). There are instances where you got the right answer, but accidentally asked the wrong question.

Then there are investors that turn into traders when the markets get exceedingly greedy or fearful, creating financial harm for their families by failing to measure risk before the markets get scary.

While some recent headlines have spooked stock market traders over the last month, Halloween is not the time to be scared out of the stock market. The short-term direction of the stock market is impossible to predict, but for long-term investors the loss of future potential stock market gains could be haunting.


Quote of the week:

Graham Brown: “Life is about choices. Some we regret, some we’re proud of. Some will haunt us forever.”

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