At an early age, I always had a drive to save. I saved every dollar I earned and never spent a dime. As a kid I would save to save. There was no end goal except for being able to say I had more than my sisters, but as life progressed and I grew older I realized saving is so much more than that. I have come to learn that you save money so you can spend money. You save for a car, a house, for retirement so you can buy a car, a house, and have income in retirement. Working hard to save now can pay dividends when it comes realizing your future goals.

At IAG Wealth Partners, I have had the amazing opportunity to work for a company that promotes a holistic team approach to help our clients work towards accomplishing their financial and personal goals. IAG’s client focused attitude and family atmosphere has helped me learn, grow, and has showed me how I can apply my passion for helping others. This, coupled with a fiduciary standard of care, ensures that our clients’ needs, and interests are placed above all else.

I am blessed with a beautiful wife and two wonderful children. I enjoy spending time and creating memories with my family, volunteering at my church, and playing the piano. I love helping others, and I would love to partner with you and your family on your journey.