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August 28, 2018 - Published by IAG Wealth Partners

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Late August is one of the least desirable times to mow my lawn. It is not the heat and humidity that get to me, but the poor decision-making by amphibians.

Frogs have great hearing. They need it to survive. They hear predators, find food, maintain territories, and find a mate using their ears. Therefore, I know they hear me when I start the lawnmower.

However, the allure of a nice dark, damp hiding spot in my lawn is too great. There is no frog exodus when I start my lawnmower.

As it gets closer, the lawnmower presents a frog with an instinctual dilemma. My observation is that there are three different “strategies” Leopard frogs take as I mow my lawn: early exiters, last second leapers, and hunker downers.

The early exiters leap away when I get within a few yards. Their first instinct is to escape, but in doing so they expose themselves to other risks. I like to catch these for my kids to see.

The last second leapers wait until I get within a few inches and then bolt. They literally live life on the edge.

The hunker downers never leap and I don’t see them until after I pass over them.

And then there are those frogs that change their mind. They instinctively are hunker downers, but at the worst possible time decide to change strategies and become leapers.

At IAG we strive to help our clients reach their personal and financial goals by consistently implementing their financial plan and following their appropriate investment strategy. There are powerful forces out there that can trigger unhealthy instincts in investors — like greed in bull markets, fear in bear markets, or materialism that sacrifices the future to “have it all” now.

All of us have lawnmowers that come and go in life. Having a solid strategy and applying it consistently can potentially lead to better outcomes. Just please don’t switch strategies at the worst possible time. The results are less than appealing.


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Morgan Housel: “You don’t need to make a lot of great decisions in investing, you just have to not screw up when it matters most and take actions that you think are going to help you but that are actually breaking your long-term strategy that’s going to keep you on course.”

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