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Spring has sprung, and the grass has started greening up and growing again. Thus, adventures in lawn mowing have begun at our house.

Lawn mowing brings out some significant contrasts in my family. There are two distinct approaches that my family members take.

My 15-year-old son is responsible for mowing a specific section of our yard as part of his family responsibilities. His objective is to accomplish this task in as little time as possible. He even Googled the fastest way to mow a lawn to maximize his odds of posting a top speed, and now follows that mowing pattern every time.

When he is done mowing, the grass in his section is roughly the same height which is good. The rows can aptly be described as varied. I suspect if there were lawn police, he could be pulled over for suspicious lane deviations as there is not a straight row amongst them.

Unfortunately for him, he happens to live with a member of the lawn police force. That probably sounds more impressive than the actual authority granted to me. However, I do like to keep my lawn looking at least reasonably well-maintained.

I am more interested in visual outcomes than speed. Thus, I rotate through four different patterns when I mow the rest of our lawn. Two are parallel to the property lines and two are angled from corner to corner.

The hardest pattern is the angles. Keeping the first straight line from one corner of the yard to the other takes concentration. I can’t focus on the grass directly in front of the mower or my lines will look like a 15-year-old cut them. Instead, I focus on an object in the distance that aligns with the corners. And then I stare at it as I mow that first angled line. I don’t look down. I don’t look up. I focus on that distant point to minimize disorienting distractions.

Having that guide in the distance helps me stay on track for my goal.

When it comes to your financial plan, you have the choice of taking the 15-year-old approach of getting it done quickly, weaving all over the place, and still calling the lawn “mowed.”

Alternatively, you can set a goal in the distance on which to focus. A goal to distract you from all the distractions like market fluctuations, economic fears, and political tangents. A positive outcome for which you can strive. This is called your financial plan.

If your financial lawn could benefit from some focus, let our caring advisors help you create a plan to guide you.


Quote of the week: Shane Parrish: “Focusing on what you want to have makes you miserable. Focusing on what you want to become makes you better.”

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