New Season

April 7, 2021 - Published by IAG Wealth Partners

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New Season

During spring training, I saw several commentaries by sports writers about how the Milwaukee Brewers had significantly upgraded their defense in the off season.

Sure enough, four games into the season the Brewers are under-erroring the competition by a score of 2 to 3.

The challenge is they have only (barely) won one game during the first 2.5% of this season and are currently on pace to finish 40-122. Ouch!

Apparently, winning requires more than under-erroring the competition.

The good news is the Brewers still have plenty of time this season to improve upon their subpar offensive output and shaky bullpen appearances.

To field a competitive team, a general manager needs to assemble players with diverse talents that complement each other. Then the manager needs to put those players in positions that play to their strengths.

The same is true for your financial plan. If your financial plan is heavy on defensive talent, you may not have the offense you need to score enough runs. Similarly, if your financial plan is tilted toward offensive talent, you could still lose most of your games with poor defense.

Our advisors strive to serve as your financial general manager, helping you make roster moves that we believe put you in a position to assemble a winning lifetime. We review the strength of your insurance, portfolio, cash flow, taxes, and any other players on your team to get the most out of them.

The same is true for your portfolio. If your portfolio team is made up of all shortstops, you will have plenty of holes in your defense. If your portfolio team is made up of all pitchers (not named Brandon Woodruff), you likely won’t have enough offense to win many games.

Our advisors are here to coach you through good market times as well as bad. They understand your long-term game plan and work to put the best overall team on the field by using the right players in the right positions at the right time in your game. Sometimes they will give you the pep talk you need, and sometimes they will prevent you from making a horrible mistake at exactly the wrong time.

If you know of anyone else who may be in need of a personal financial general manager and portfolio coach, our advisors would be happy to help them get ready for the rest of their season. In case you were wondering, our talents are not suitable for helping the Brewers to a winning season.


Quote of the week: Shane Parrish: “In the short term, you are only as good as your intensity. In the long run, you are only as good as your consistency.”

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