November 20, 2019 - Published by IAG Wealth Partners

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On Monday the Milwaukee Brewers unveiled their brand new logo and uniforms for their upcoming 50th season in Milwaukee. Their new logo is an updated version of the ball and glove logo they used from 1978-1993.

Except it isn’t a ball and a glove, it is really an M and a B for Milwaukee Brewers.

It is so obvious, yet it isn’t.

I very distinctly remember the first time my M and B veil was lifted. We were on a family trip to California and I left my Brewers hat behind at a restaurant.

When we made it back to the restaurant my mom (an avid Brewers fan) embarrassed me by asking if anyone had turned in a hat with an M and B on it. I quickly corrected her that it was actually a ball and glove. And I quickly learned that it was both.

Missing an obvious M and a B in a logo may be unsettling to a teenager who is overconfident in his powers of observation, but missing the obvious can have far greater consequences.

When our experienced advisors sit down with potential clients for the first time they ask a lot of questions that often uncover important pieces of a family’s financial life that need some attention. What may be obvious to our advisors could be like a veil being lifted to our clients.

What blind spots do you have in your financial life? What “obvious” steps should you take to protect your family? What “obvious” holes are in your estate plan? What “obvious” risks lurk in your portfolio? What “obvious” strategies could you be using to be more tax efficient?

For almost 35 years we have helped families discover the “obvious.” Let us help you find and address your blind spots before they become obvious. Contact us now.

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