Brad Carroll, FPQP®

With IAG since: 2011
Personal: Family and Fitness

Phone: 262-446-8150
Fax: 262-446-8135

As the leader of the operations team it is my responsibility to ensure every client receives the best experience possible.  I work closely with my team to keep them informed of any regulatory and procedural changes.

I train each member of my team in the fine art of building solid client/advisor relationships.   We work together with the advisors to synthesize complex strategies and fulfill many needs for our clients and our firm. I work with the financial advisors on a myriad of projects, help answer questions, and help to build custom financial roadmaps for each client.

I strive to give every client I meet superb customer service because I believe it’s not the job that makes you successful, but how well you do the job. Fortunately, IAG has a strong team environment where we are all encouraged to grow to our full potential and achieve our own personal goals – even as we work hard toward helping our clients pursue theirs.

The leaders of the company welcome and encourage our ideas. This empowers us to take a fresh look at everything we do to ensure we’re doing the best possible job for each and every one of our clients.

I love the people I work with, and I consider them a second family. When you work with us, you’ll feel like family too!