Susan C. Kuhlenbeck, Partner, Vice President, Partner, Chief Operating Officer

With IAG since: 1987
Personal: Family, travel, sports, reading, and outdoor pursuits

Phone: 262-446-8150
Fax: 262-446-8135

IAG Wealth Partners is my extended family. There are individuals of different ages, skill sets, education, and interests who all bring something unique to our business. It’s always been very important to me that we nurture relationships between clients and staff and promote collaboration within our own walls. Our success is based on doing what’s in our clients’ best interest.

At IAG, we are not fee or commission driven and we take a holistic approach in helping our clients work towards their goals over time, through a full spectrum of financial services. After spending many years working as a paralegal, I take a great deal of pride in expanding not only my wealth management credentials but encouraging our team to do the same. I am currently a Legacy Partner, and enjoy mentoring the next generation of advisors.  I joined IAG in 1987 and have been blessed to be part of our phenomenal growth and success.

Susan is blessed with a husband, three beautiful daughters, and two precious grandchildren. Spending time with them, along with her participation in several sprint triathlons and half marathons, helps balance her many responsibilities at IAG. She is passionate about travel by plane, train, automobile, and motorcycle to the near and far reaches of the globe. Susan is very active in her church, including serving on the pastoral and financial councils.