IAG Wealth Partners Waukesha WI

IAG maintains our investment discipline during all phases of the economic cycle, by adhering to the unique parameters in your Portfolio GPS™

We work to identify investments within your current portfolio that do not meet our expectations, inform you of possible tax consequences, and recommend new investments which we feel will serve your needs better.  Some of the investments we recommend may include alternative strategies beyond traditional investments.

Supporting your advisor’s efforts, IAG’s Investment Committee meets quarterly to help monitor your portfolio’s target allocation and holdings. Periodic changes will be recommended when investments no longer meet our specifications for risk or return. If your portfolio drifts from your Portfolio GPS™ guidelines, we will proactively recommend changes to align your investments with your risk budget.


  • Quantify short and long term portfolio goals
  • Determine portfolio objectives and risk guidelines


  • Analyze current investment portfolio
  • Develop strategic and tactical asset allocation strategy


  • Construct investment portflio taking in consideration:
    • Cash flow needs
    • Tax efficiency
    • Financial plan


    • Evaluate total portfolio progress for risk and return:
        • Adjust to changing market and economic cycles
        • Rebalance to Portfolio GPS™ risk budget
      • Review individual portfolio components for risk and return
    • Real-time monitoring of “Green Zone”
  • Assess macro- & micro-economic trends and outlook for global capital markets
  • Conduct rigorous due diligence on potential manager