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Mke Bucks 1974

The Milwaukee Bucks are back in the NBA Finals for the first time in 47 years. It has been what seems like a lifetime. That is likely because I was three years old at the time.

If you happened to have graduated from high school in 1974 when the Bucks were last in the Finals, 47 years later you would be closing in on your own personal postseason of retirement.

Perhaps basketball seasons may have more similarities to your life than you may think.

During the regular season, basketball teams accumulate wins to put themselves in the best position for the postseason. They identify their strengths and weaknesses, overcome obstacles, win some games they should have lost, lose some games they should have won, and develop a camaraderie between teammates. Only those teams that have a successful regular season have a chance for a successful postseason.

During your lifetime, one of your goals is to accumulate enough assets during your “regular season” so that you can make a deep run into your post season. You must identify your personal strengths and weaknesses, overcome obstacles, and put your family in the best position possible for the postseason. There are plenty of distractions along the way that tempt you to veer off course – “You deserve to buy this”, “Sell now, the market is only going lower”, “You can afford the payments.”

Whether playing professional basketball or striving toward your personal postseason, it is always best to listen to your coach. Your coach knows you, knows your strengths, and knows your weaknesses. Your coach can help you and your team take your game to the next level with a personal financial game plan.

At IAG our experienced personal coaches are committed to helping you and your team design a financial plan for your regular season and coaching you through your postseason goals (even if untimely injuries create challenges). Go Bucks and go You!


Quote of the week: John Wooden: “A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.”

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