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“Jigsaw Puzzle Industry Warns of A Shortage of Jigsaw Puzzles” blares the headlines. “Puzzles Sell Out During the Pandemic.”

Apparently my family is like many who must find cooperative activities for homebound family members. Since March we have had puzzles in varying states of completion on the dining room table for any family member that wants to help put the pieces together. Whether it is five minutes or an hour, working together can be fun.

It can also reveal what you are escaping.

Part of my escape with puzzles is to look at the intricate details of each piece and build it from the bottom up. After the border is done, I will look for similar-colored pieces and start organizing them into their own separate areas on the table. I will then look at the pieces individually and put them together. It is a slower, detailed approach. I feel a sense of accomplishment from figuring out where pieces go one by one.

My job requires me to constantly look at the big picture and then work into the details. When I do puzzles I like to work the opposite way – from the details up to the big picture.

My wife takes a very different approach. After the border is done, she will take a piece, look at the picture of the puzzle on the box cover to see where it may fit, and then place that piece in the approximate area where it belongs inside the border. It is a faster, big picture approach. My wife feels success in knowing that each small piece is in the right place.

My wife’s job requires her to manage the logistics and needs of three newly homebound students as well as household management. She is constantly interrupted with small questions, quick tasks, and people all talking at once. She likes to do puzzles the opposite way – looking at the big picture to put the small pieces in context.

How do you approach your family’s puzzle? Not jigsaw, but financial.

Do you relish learning about the tax code and intricate details of government programs and estate planning? Or do you find satisfaction in laying out the vision and then filling in the details “later”?

In our 35 years of helping families complete their unique puzzles, we have found that the former need our help to identify and work toward goals while the latter need our help laying the detailed groundwork necessary to work toward their vision.

Fortunately, our team includes a variety of talented people who are dedicated to serving our clients where we are needed.

If you or someone you care about would like some help with putting together a solid personal financial puzzle, we are open, available, and offer an experienced second opinion. Click here to start putting your pieces together.



Quote of the week: Julia Hartz: “Every day is sort of a jigsaw puzzle. You have to make sure that you’re putting the most important things first.”


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