October 21, 2020 - Published by IAG Wealth Partners

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The number of cases continues to climb rapidly. It appears to be spreading across our state and our country at a pace that is accelerating.

The range of people’s reaction to this prolonged period of uncertainty is quite wide. Some folks have adopted a strategy of self-isolation while others seem to be openly inviting infection.

This continued spread is taking its toll on the collective psychology of our nation.

Our friends and family may seem a little edgy with the slightest mention of the word. We seem to be reaching the point of exhaustion.

While very few people wish to admit it, the best solution is a complete and total mental quarantine until it is over with one exception — you should still vote.

To limit the spread of this alarming electionitis pandemic, I challenge you to personally quarantine yourself from all news, advertisements, and social media posts about politicians, policies, stimulus bills, hidden e-mails, tax returns, polls, projections, or any doomsday scenarios that could cause an electionitis infection.

If you believe you may already be infected with electionitis and are considering “temporarily” adjusting your long-term investment strategy due to the stress of the next few weeks, please give us a call so we can help you recover from your infection.

The truth is that Presidential elections happen every four years. They are not an unknown future event. Some years they are more intense than others, but the reality is they should have only a minimal impact on your long-term financial well-being if you have a quality financial plan integrated with a risk-appropriate investment portfolio.

Yes, there may be short-term volatility in the markets around elections. Sometimes they are volatile to the upside and no one complains. Sometimes they are volatile to the downside which may cause short-term regret.

We do not know how this election will unfold, and we have designed our clients’ plans and portfolio to account for this potential volatility and minimize the impact on their long-term goals.

For your well-being, try implementing a personal political quarantine for the next few weeks. In addition to the long-term benefits of staying on track toward your financial goals, you may also experience a clearer mind, an improved attitude, less worry, and more pleasant conversations.



Quote of the week: Warren Buffett: “If you mix politics with your investment decisions, you’re making a big mistake.”

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