Do You Need Help Maximizing Your Retirement Cash Flow?

After a successful career, having the retirement cash flow to enjoy all you have accomplished can make your golden years truly rewarding. Through careful planning, IAG Wealth Partners seeks to help make your retirement years some of the most satisfying and fulfilling of your life.

The financial ability to comfortably support your lifestyle, contribute to the lives of children and grandchildren, and still make charitable contributions should be within your reach. Of course, you have questions:

  • Will I have enough to last my lifetime?
  • How do I structure gifting strategies in my legacy planning?
  • Where will the cash come from when I need it?
  • When should I take social security benefits?
  • How do I retire in style?
  • What strategies can I use to protect the money I have worked all my life to earn?
  • Will healthcare costs ruin my retirement?
  • What will happen when I’m gone?
  • Could I be more tax efficient?
  • Could or should I be gifting to my children or grandchildren?

For answers to these questions, and many more, talk to an IAG advisor today.