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be thankful

While only a week ago, Thanksgiving is almost an afterthought for many people at this point. You may still be eating some turkey leftovers, but the house is probably clean(er) and families have travelled back into their normal lives.

Yes, the logistics of Thanksgiving can be challenging, but you will be pleased to learn that scientists almost unanimously agree that thanksgiving is good for you. And not just on Thanksgiving.

These are not scientists who are dieticians. I am pretty certain the quantity of calories and saturated fat consumed last week would not meet their approval.

These are not scientists who study infectious diseases. Gathering large quantities of humans in a confined space or, worse yet, in a large metal tube with recirculating air would not meet their approval.

These are not scientists who study shopping addiction. The allure of great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday undoubtedly caused some people to spend more than they can afford.

No, these are scientists that quantify the impact of gratitude. Study after study reveals that gratitude is one common trait among the happiest and healthiest people.

Do a Google search for “benefits of gratitude” and you will find hundreds of articles extolling its virtues and unexpected benefits. Then search for “disadvantages of gratitude” and, thankfully, you will only find five articles on its drawbacks.

If you are interested in keeping thanksgiving going (and, thus, your overall well-being) for more than just one day a year, consider developing one of these scientifically-approved habits:

  • Keep a gratitude journal. Whether it is once a week or once a day, expressing your appreciation in writing reinforces all of the positives in your life. Read your journal when challenges arise.
  • Write thank you notes. In the afterglow of Thanksgiving, consider sending a few notes to people for whom you are grateful. It will make both of your days better.
  • Volunteer to help others. Helping others in need can help you appreciate your numerous uncounted or underappreciated blessings. Living in the wealthiest country in the world lulls us into taking so much for granted.

We hope you and your family had a very blessed Thanksgiving celebration last week and, for your well-being, encourage everyone to continue to share your thanksgiving every day of the coming year.




Quote of the week: Linda Roszak Burton: “In a world where negativity, fear, and skepticism are at an all-time high, there remains a human need, perhaps a demand, to count our blessings, show gratitude to others, and find meaning in our daily lives.”

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