August 19, 2020 - Published by IAG Wealth Partners

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This was supposed to be Milwaukee’s year of national prominence. The Democratic National Convention was supposed to attract tens of thousands of visitors to southeast Wisconsin in mid-July.

Alas, Milwaukee’s time in the limelight was stolen by a microscopic menace, and now the Democratic National Convention is running unconventionally with only a skeletal crew based in its host city.

Being unconventional does not come easy to most people. We seem to have a built-in tendency to try and fit in with other people. Yet, being unconventional can also be rewarding.

Right now we are hearing from many of our clients who are starting to get nervous about the election in November and its impact on their financial well-being.

Some are extremely concerned that President Trump will be re-elected and the stock market will collapse. Others are extremely concerned that former Vice President Biden will be elected and the stock market will collapse. Still others think the election will eventually be decided by the courts in 2021 and the stock market will collapse.

As political tensions continue to build over the coming months we expect at least one of these conventional pieces of “wisdom” to gain a foothold in each and every one of our clients’ consciousness.

When your personal political tensions start to build, be unconventional by disconnecting any political doomsday scenarios from your plan and your portfolio.

Our disciplined financial planning and investment processes are designed to lift you above the conventional fray and provide long-term perspective in an increasingly short-term world. Despite the fanned flames of political passion, be confident that your long-term financial well-being does not hinge on one single day in 2020.

Instead, the success or failure of your long-term financial well-being hinges almost entirely on how much you decide to save instead of spend and how you react (or, more importantly, whether you overreact) to unconventional events.


Quote of the week: Warren Buffett: “We do not have, never have had, and never will have an opinion about where the stock market, interest rates or business activity will be a year from now.”

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