To distinctly address the financial priorities most important to you and your family, we incorporate specialized expertise across a broad range of financial categories, concentrating only on the financial areas relevant for you today and in the future. Our goal is to provide a balanced and comprehensive plan that puts you on a path to help you pursue your dreams.

While developing a customized financial program, we will walk you through a step-by-step process that will help make you feel confident in your decisions. Once your goals have been established, we will customize appropriate strategies to suit your vision and objectives. We have a team of professionals with a combined 200+ years of financial planning, investment, and wealth management experience. In addition, we work together with your existing legal and accounting professionals to provide a comprehensive range of services. Contact IAG for a complimentary review of your financial plan.

The IAG Holistic Approach to Wealth Management Includes:

Financial Snapshot

  • Net Worth Statement
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Assets & Liabilities


Retirement Planning

  • Lifestyle Vision
  • Social Security and/or Pension Benefit Analysis
  • Retirement Income Plan


Tax Planning*

  • Coordinate with Your Tax Advisor
  • Review Tax Returns
  • Perform Roth Conversion Analysis
  • Manage Capital Gains/Losses
  • Invest Tax-Efficiently
  • Charitable Tax Planning
  • Analyze NUA


Investment Planning

  • Determine Portfolio Objectives
  • Analyze Current Portfolio
  • Develop Allocation Strategy
  • Construct Investment Portfolio
  • Assess Market Outlook
  • Perform Due Diligence Analytics
  • Evaluate Portfolio Progress and Adjust to Portfolio GPS
  • Monitor “Green Zone” Progress


Insurance and Liability Management

  • Goal Protection**
    • Life insurance
    • Long term care strategies
  • Income Protection**
    • Disability insurance
  • Liability Insurance
    • Umbrella coverage
    • Key man insurance
  • Health Insurance


Estate & Legacy Planning

  • Review of Wills, Trusts & Powers of Attorney**
  • Family & Charitable Gifting Strategies
  • Asset Titling
  • Estate Tax Funding
  • Special Needs Child Assessment and Planning
  • Planning for Support of Aging Parents & Senior Living Options
  • Legacy Planning & Family Meeting


Business Succession Planning

  • Business Needs for Review
  • Cash Management and Capital Needs Assessment
  • Business Valuation Review
  • Succession Plan Documents Review
  • Succession Plan Funding


Executive Compensation Management

  • Concentrated Stock Service (Monetizing Hedging)
  • Stock Option Strategies
  • Restricted Securities (Liquidation and Risk Management Alternatives)
  • Estate and Financial Planning (Targeted to Executive Compensation Management


* With your existing tax and legal advisors.

** Any protection is based on the claims paying ability of the company issuing the insurance policy.