Personalized Planning

Your financial plan should be as individual as you and your needs. IAG Wealth Partners makes it a priority to provide the resources, collaboration, and tools you need to make informed decisions. This starts by asking questions to understand what is most important to you and your family. Only then can we provide you with a customized financial planning framework that matches your situation and goals.

Once your plan is implemented, your WealthVision personal financial home page will keep track of your progress in real time. With dynamic updating of your assets, debts, and cash flow, your IAG advisor can help you monitor your complete financial picture.

IAG Wealth Partners will analyze all pieces of your financial life and provide objective and honest opinions that serve your best interest. Watch this short, informative video featuring Certified Financial Planner™ Practitioner Chris Mitchell.

We believe a personalized financial plan is your path toward financial confidence.

1. Initial Meeting

  • Understand your values and priorities
  • Explain our philosophies and services
  • Is IAG a good fit for you?


2. IAG Fact Finding

  • Obtain your full financial picture
  • Identify your goals, risk tolerance, and timelines


3. Portfolio Analysis and Strategy Development

  • Evaluate current situation relative to goals
  • Identify strengths, shortfalls, and opportunities
  • Develop written comprehensive financial plan


4. Plan Presentation

  • Discuss strategies for pursuing your goals
  • Examine comprehensive recommendations (retirement, investments, risk management, estate, taxes, and philanthropy)
  • Answer questions
  • Develop implementation timeline


5. Plan Implementation

  • Open new accounts
  • Initiate transfer of existing assets
  • Implement agreed-upon strategy
  • Monitor and update progress
  • Set up online account access
  • Conduct 45-day follow-up meeting
  • Schedule review meetings/revisit goals


6. Plan Management